Green Philly Company creates innovative marketing campaigns for companies who need to reach their goals.

what we do

For companies concerned with more than the bottom line, we provide digital marketing strategies that reach your target audience by driving conversions. How can we help you?

  • Corporate Training: We help your staff get the most from LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. 
  • EngageWe understand how socially conscious consumers communicate and how to engage them online.
  • Drive Results: We create goals and measure our campaigns. We develop a cohesive strategy across platforms to maximize your results.
  • Creative Solutions: Our innovative marketing campaigns are tailored to social media platforms, email, content creation and PR to maximize ROI. No two campaigns are the same.
  • Integrate Social Media into Offline Events: Whether you’re showcasing your company at a corporate conference or are hosting a small intimate dinner, we show you how to capture leads and capitalize amplification opportunities. 

OUr services

Social Media Marketing:

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Facebook / LinkedIn Ad Campaigns  
  • Content Creation
  • Measurements & Reporting

Capture Leads

  • How to use Social and integrate into your sales funnel
  • Increase registrations for event / Online PR


  • Executive & Corporate Training
  • Wordpress Training 
  • Brainstorm for one hour.

Social Media Bootcamp

  • Get an in-depth analysis about your current efforts
  • Includes training sessions
  • Receive roadmap of how to be successful in social media.